Wetlands Debt Retirement

Location: 5420 Shubert Rd. Winneconne, WI 54963

Thank you for your Support!
We reached our goal and the Club can now retire our wetlands debt.

Wetlands Acquisition Successful!
The Club is happy to announce that we have completed the purchase of 18 additional acres of wetlands. This brings the total acreage of the Terrell’s Island Wetland Restoration Area to 1,201.

With the help of generous donors and a grant from the WDNR we raised $245,000 of the $300,000 that we needed. So as not to lose the funds already raised, we took out a loan for the remaining amount and continued our fundraising efforts. With this past Spring Dinner we were able to raise the remaining money owed on our loan and retire the debt with help from a $10,000 match from the U.S Oil/Schmidt Family Foundation.

Thank you once again to everyone who donated and worked diligently on our fundraising endeavors! You should all be very, very proud.

This purchase preserves this land in perpetuity for future generations. It also allows us unrestricted access to the breakwall and the mouth of the Fox River and is invaluable in our efforts to repair the area's wetlands. It also opens up the possibility of a nature education center and a 4 mile looping hiking trail out along the breakwall in the future.