Breakwall Trail

Location: 5420 Shubert Rd. Winneconne, WI 54963


Breakwall Project

In 1998 the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources constructed a 15,000 foot break wall enclosing 630 acres of Terrell's Island. The seven nesting islands rest inside of this enclosure.

A carp barrier was installed along the breakwall ensuring that water and nutrients will flow in but carp will not. Carp are an invasive species and they like to root around and upset the native vegetation. Even with the barrier some carp do make it through and catching them is an ongoing effort.

Since building the breakwall and barrier water clarity has increased significantly and we have seen desirable aquatic vegetation take root in the area. Wild celery and wild rice can now be seen with some regularity. 

The wall requires periodic maintenance to ensure that no large trees take root and try to tear it down from the inside out. The wall may also need to be added to in the coming years as high waters from the floods have allowed some carp to sneak in.

The Breakwall Trail

After securing a grant from the WDNR in 2012, the Club set about putting the money to use to smooth out the breakwall and construct a bridge to connect each segment of the trail. The trail and bridge were completed in June of 2013 and is now a desirable walking, jogging, and biking path. Our newest trail offers breathtaking views of Lake Butte des Morts, the wetlands, and the abundant wildlife at Terrell's Island.

The western side of the trail is referred to as the "The Frank and Alice Kachur Trail," while the eastern side is called "The Lake Marsh Trail." Visitors can head out to the trail by either traveling east or west out of the parking lot. The entire loop is 3.8 miles.