Our Hiking Trails

Location: 5420 Shubert Rd. Winneconne, WI 54963


Hiking Trails

Terrell's Island currently offers three hiking trails for visitors to enjoy. The Club is continually working to improve them and we hope that you are able to get a copy of one of our visitor guides for additional information

Breakwall Trail

The main trail is accessible to everyone from the parking lot. You have the option of either heading east or west onto this trail. The eastern side is referred to as the Lake Marsh Trail, and the western side (by the Fox River) is called the Frank and Alice Kachur Trail.  Each side of the trail extends far out in Lake Butte des Morts and connects via a wooden bridge. The entire loop is 3.8 miles.

The Orchard Trail

The second trail is semi-rustic and can be found at the end of the wooden bridge at the entrance to the property. Plans are in the works to connect it to the main trail with a little bridge, but for the moment it ends where the wetlands take it over. You will need to turn back the way you came if you do not wish to get wet.

The Rustic Trail

If you like your trails to be extremely rustic then the third one is for you. The trail winds around the wetlands and comes out back at the parking lot. The entrance can be found on the right hand side not too far from the main entrance. Make sure that you have your hiking boots on for this one!