Lake Butte des Morts Conservation Club

**Terrells Island Trail will be open to the public on Saturday, April 6, 2024. Trail are open from sunrise until one hour before sunset, unless otherwise posted. There will also be a Spring Clean Up going on at the trail. Feel free to step in and help out!"**

In 1994 the Butte des Morts Conservation Club (BDMCC) was born from the efforts of three men with a common vision. That vision was to Conserve, Preserve, and Restore (give CPR to) precious and endangered wildlife habitat within Lake Butte des Morts, its' adjacent watershed and wetlands. The club cares for 1,201 acres of wetlands on Lake Butte des Morts known as Terrell's Island. Restoration projects for these wetlands make up the bulk of BDMCC efforts though we also partner with other conservation organizations, and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR), on projects involving the Winnebago Pool, as well as the Fox and Wolf Rivers.

We are a non-profit organization with 124 dues paying members lead by a nine member Board of Directors. The BDMCC is a working organization, not a social or hunting/fishing club. Membership is available to everyone.

We hope that you will take the opportunity to join us often, both here and at Terrell's Island. Thank you for visiting us and please, don't be a stranger!