Search for Invasive Water Hyacinth in Lake Winneconne

Date: August 03, 2016

Please join local paddlers in a water hyacinth monitoring event hosted by the Wisconsin Aquatic Invasive Species Partnership and River Alliance of Wisconsin.

Originally found in Lake Winneconne in October 2015, water hyacinth has the potential to significantly alter aquatic environments if it becomes established in Wisconsin. To prevent that from happening, a cleanup event occurred on Lake Winneconne in the fall of 2015. While it is unknown if water hyacinth can survive Wisconsin's winters, we are not willing to take that risk, and need your help to make sure no additional plants are present in Lake Winneconne.

Participants will be asked to paddle lake shore and channels near Lake Winneconne Park and will need to provide their own boats and paddles, life vests, water and other outdoor necessities (sunscreen, bug spray, snacks, etc.). Both canoes and kayaks can be used.

If you're unable to paddle, feel free to come down and check out our displays on aquatic invasive species and learn other ways you can help.

We will plan to paddle unless there are high winds, heavy rain or lightning. Please register in advance so we can contact you in the event of weather problems.

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