Nesting Islands

Location: 5420 Shubert Rd. Winneconne, WI 54963

Many endangered and threatened water birds, such as the common tern, will only build their nests away from the mainland. When wetlands are converted to farm land or cityscapes they are no longer able to act as a buffer against wave erosion and the small islands out in the Lake are quickly widdled away. This is bad news if you are a common tern. Luckily for them the BDMCC and the WDNR have been working to restore some of the lost waterfowl habitat on Lake Butte des Morts. The Breakwall has made it possible for us to bring this unique habitat back to life.

In September 2011 as part of the Butte des Morts Bridge Hwy 41 Wetland Mitigation Project the Wisconsin Department of Transpertation agreed to rework Islands 2-6. A rock berm was placed around each of the islands and rows of emergent vegetation planted: Hardstem bulrush, river bulrush, three-square bulrush and bur-reed. The aim is to discourage the nesting of Pelicans and Cormorants which have taken over the islands and encourage diving ducks and grebes.

The WDOT has agreed to monitor and maintain the islands for the next 5 years and adjust the plan as needed to ensure that it is successful. Below are a few photos of the project.