May 10 2021 General Meeting Minutes

Date: May 10, 2021

BDMCC General meeting

Monday, May 10, 2021 at 6:30pm at the “Pat Hickey” School House

The General Meeting of the Butte des Morts Conservation Club was called to order on Monday, May 10, 2021 at the School House by Bruce Loberg. Minutes were read and accepted. Treasurer’s report was read and accepted.


  1. Donations
    1. Carol Hickey donation – An additional $5,000 was donated by Carol Hickey in Pat Hickey’s name to be used at the School House
    2. Battle on Bago – We received $960 from the ticket sales this year


  1. Property/Trail Update
    1. We have a foundation issue on the School House
    2. Bruce is meeting with the team this upcoming week
      1. Islands #8 and #10 are completed – Island #10 seems to be low on the east side and markers seem to be missing on island #8
    3. Bruce is going to town meeting on May 20th to make them aware of any trail updates
  2. Fundraising
    1. Golf Outing Sunday, August 15th at 10am at Winchester Hills. Randy is working on details
    2. Other ideas for fundraising were gun raffles and calendar raffle. Was decided to keep our Banquet in the Spring 2022.
  3. Pontoon Boat
    1. Drain and put a new battery in to see if it runs
  4. Property Clean Up To Do’s
    1. Fix the posts while the ground is soft
    2. Kiosk Roof – Put a tin roof on
  5. Web Updates
    1. Things are going well. Wish List will be updated. Art will be getting Jordan additional updates for breakwall
  6. Membership Renewal
    1. It was agreed to change our membership year to calendar year January 1st – December 31st.


Meeting was adjourned by Art Techlow, seconded by Lawanda Jungwirth at 7:21pm. Next General Meeting will be Monday, June 7, 2021 at 6:30pm at the “Pat

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General Meeting Minutes September 16, 2019

Date: September 16, 2019



BDMCC General Meeting

Monday, September 16, 2019 at 7pm

School House

Guests: Adam Nickel and Chad Casper, DNR


The General Meeting of the Butte des Morts Conservation Club was called to order on September 16, 2019 in our School house by Bruce Loberg. Minutes were read and accepted from May 6, 2019. Treasurer’s report was read and accepted.


Old Business

  • Pontoon Boat will be taken out on Wednesday September 18thand will sell as is
  • Security cameras need to be put in place at the schoolhouse and in our parking lot. Jordan will look into options. CuddeLink trail cameras was also brought up as an option
  • Jordan will contact the county to set up Wiouwash Trail clean up


New Business

  • F.N. Fun Run presented the club with a $1000 check from their “Fun Run” that took place on Saturday, August 24thwith about 70 people in attendance. 
  • Pat Hickey who passed away in June donated $10,000 to the club to be used towards the schoolhouse and education. 
  • Our Sign keeps tipping over from wind. The sign will need anchor points on both sides to prevent this. 
  • Break Wall Project
    • Phase 1
      • Remove rock islands inside Terrell’s Island 
      • Create an off-shore break wall in Samers Bay estimated 5,850 in length 
    • Phase 2
      • Create a substantial opening that is about 2,200 feet in length on the east side of the Terrell Island break wall. The rock material that is removed to create the opening will be used to build Phase 1 of the new Samers Bay break wall. 
    • This will improve fish habitiat and provide better fishing opportunites for boat and shoreline anglers. Of course the down side is the trail no longer being “a loop”. 
    • Public Meetings will be held to explain to the public why part of the trail will be taken out. 


Meeting was adjourned at 8:11pm by Randy Pointon, seconded by Pete Guckenberg. The next General Meeting will be at 7pm on January 13, 2020, at the Fin N’ Feather.


Minutes submitted by:  Jordan Vanderloop, Administrative Assistant 

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General Meeting Minutes

Date: May 14, 2019

General Meeting Minutes

Butte des Morts Conservation Club

May 6, 2019 7:00 pm
Terrell's Island Classroom

Board Members:
Present: Bruce Loberg, Pete Guckenberg, Dave Lux, Randy Pointon, Randy Marx, Kevin Stowe, Joe Yana, Art Techlow

Others Present: Administrative Assistant, Alicia Monday, Cindy Loberg, Gary W.


1. Meeting minutes from 12/3/18 & 3/28/19 meetings read and accepted.

2. Treasurer’s Report: none (will be presented at the next meeting)

3. Banquet Review:

     a.   Registration set up differently next year; group tickets by person instead of by table.

     b.   Dice game: set up as high & low

     c.   Go back to a weekday night instead of Friday.

     d.   One dinner ticket prize instead of 2

     e.   Costs were lower and revenue was about the same as last year’s banquet.

4. Security Issues:

     a.   Damage to door caused by break in; parking lot vandalized

     b.   Carp gate staying down this year. This is due to several years of vandalism of the barrier. (Adam Nichols)

     c.   Alicia will call ADT for pricing on security for parking lot, classroom; also check prices for Ring doorbell and cameras.

5. Trail washouts:

     a.   Need large rock to fill in areas for safety; contact DNR for proposal – Art believes there are grants available (Bruce)

6. Pontoon boat:

     a.   Cover is torn; trailer is broken; motor doesn’t run. Decision has been made to sell it as is. (Bruce & Pete G)

7. Golf Outing: 3rd Sunday in August (the 18th) – Randy will touch base with Winchester Hills

8. Culvert Project: going to bid soon; BDMCC to contribute $10,000 to the project. (Bruce)

9. Wiouwash Trail Clean up: Alicia will set up with the county.

10. Art T: Money available for shoreline protection; point to point for habitat restoration. He will investigate with Chad. This for the south shoreline. (Art)

11. Bottled water will be the only refreshment offered at meetings scheduled at the classroom unless otherwise stated in an announcement. You are welcome to bring a beverage of your choice.

12. Need to review our strategic plan at future meeting. (Alicia)

13. Our bylaws need to be up dated to the current level and posted to the website. (Bruce)

14. We need to set the next meeting time, give more planning time for members. (Bruce)

15. Motion to adjourn by Randy, second by Art. Meeting adjourned at 7:54 p.m.

- Minutes submitted by Admin Assist: Alicia Monday; approved by Bruce Loberg


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New Rider Orientation @ Team Winnebagoland

Date: April 22, 2019

Team Winnebagoland is having New Rider Orientation on Thursday May 2nd, 4:30pm - 6:30pm. Learn about safety, trail etiquette, maps and clubs. Free Dinner & Drinks. Registration open to the first 50 people. 

Click the link below to be taken to the Team Winnebagoland New Rider Orientation sign up page.

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Operation Oshkosh 2019

Date: April 22, 2019

From U.S. Coast Guard Auxillary Neenah/Menasha Flotilla 47-03:

Neenah/Menasha Flotilla 47-03 announces Operation Oshkosh, a FREE Vessel Safety Check blitz at Rainbow Park in Oshkosh on Saturday morning, May 25 from 9:00 AM-noon.

This non law-enforcement check will let the skipper know if they have all the proper equipment on board to meet Federal, State and Local boating regulations. Items that will be checked include:

  • Registration and Numbering
  • Navigational Lighting
  • Life Jackets
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Distress Signals (flares, horn, etc.)
  • Battery cover & connections
  • More…

A Vessel Safety Check (VSC) is performed at Rainbow Park and usually takes 15 to 30 minutes, depending upon the size of your boat – a small investment of time that can actually save a life. Boats and personal watercraft that successfully pass our safety exam will receive their 2019 U.S. Coast Guard VE sticker to display throughout the boating season.

No registration is required – exams are offered on a first-come-first-serve basis. To learn more about Neenah/Menasha Flotilla 47-03, click HERE.

Direct link to the event:

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2019 Water Summit

Date: April 19, 2019

Celebrate Water Door County would like to invite you to their 2019 Water Summit - June 4-6, 2019!   

A year of celebration has lead to this: a three-day summit at the Landmark Resort in Egg Harbor, featuring a keynote speaker, educational sessions, and field trips.

$35/per person registration includes: Breakout educational sessions, three meals, keynote presentation by Jill Heinerth of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, luncheon with author Dan Egan (The Death and Life of the Great Lakes), and a breakfast with Community Foundation CEO & President, Bret Bicoy. The keynote presentation is held at the Door Community Auditorium and is free and open to the public. 


Field trips are optional and presented for $20, which includes transportation.

Included in the summit activities is a Science Poster Project that gives high school or college students an opportunity to present a project among their peers and professionals.

You can reserve a room at The Landmark during the Summit by calling 1 (800) 273-7877. Request a room in the Celebrate Water block. Reservations are needed by April 20, 2019.

You may view speaker biographies and register at the following link:


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Date: April 15, 2019

Thank you to all who attended the Spring Banquet and also to those who support our organization through donations and help during our events. We hope you had a great time!  

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Climate Change: Risks and Opportunities for Wisconsin and Beyond

Date: April 15, 2019

Mark Your Calendars! Climate Change: Risks and Opportunities for Wisconsin and Beyond


Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Tundra Lodge and Conference Center

865 Lombardi Avenue, Green Bay


5:00 – 6:00 Annual Meeting

6:00 – 6:45 Social

6:45 Dinner with Speaker to follow

Climate Change: Risks and Opportunities for Wisconsin and Beyond

Speaker Johnathan Patz M.D., MPH

Patz is a professor and Director of the Global Environmental Health Institute at UW-Madison and the John P. Holton Chair in Health and the Environment. He is an internationally known authority on the environmental health effects of climate change. He shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore as one of the Lead Authors of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. and serves on science advisory boards for the Centers for Disease Control and the Environmental Protection Agency. He pioneered the field of climate change and health in the 1990s, and in 1995 he authored the American Public Health Association’s first policy resolution on the threat that climate change poses for public health. Dr. Patz has designed environmental health courses and has trained a generation of young professionals in this new field.

Meal Selections:

Grilled Salmon Fillet served with Italian Roasted Red Potatoes

Pecan Crusted Chicken served with Yukon Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Portobello Stack served with Wild Rice Pilaf

All dinners include service charge; chef’s choice of vegetables, salad, rolls and butter, tea, coffee or milk

Before April 30, please send a $29 check made out to LWVGGB along with your dinner choice to: LWVGGB, PO Box 1923, Green Bay, WI 54305-1923

Direct link to event:

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Thank you Winnebagoland

Date: August 31, 2018

Thank you to Winnebagoland for their generous gift to our club! We were able to put a new roof on the small building located at Terrell's Island.  

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Trail open Aug 7th at Noon

Date: August 07, 2018


UPDATE ---- TRAIL REPAIR IS COMPLETE!!  Terrell's Island will be open for visitors today at 12pm.  Radtke Contractors did a fabulous job. They went above and beyond. Thank you so much!!!!!

** ATTENTION TRAIL VISITORS **  The excess water in the spring caused some erosion on the breakwall and the trail . We have a company coming to repair the damage. As a result the whole trail will be closed Thursday Aug 2 and Friday Aug 3; open for the weekend and then closed again Monday Aug 6 and Tuesday Aug 7. Sincere apologies for the short notice but these repairs are necessary to keep the trail in tip-top shape. Thank you for understanding. BDMCC

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2018-19 BDMCC Memberships

Date: June 19, 2018

Please join or renew your membership with the Butte des Morts Conservation Club. Memberships support our work at Terrell's Island and will go towards updating the clubhouse building, maintenance on Terrell's Island, as well as funding projects to increase desirable wildlife and vegetation habitation.


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Educate at Terrell's Island

Date: August 10, 2017

Educators, use our classroom on Terrell's Island this fall. What a great way to teach preserving and restoring our natural resources!  How about a writing class, or a biology class, even a social studies class?  Terrell's Island is a great place to observe, experience, and enjoy nature.  Contact us at for a reservation or more information today!

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Search for Invasive Water Hyacinth in Lake Winneconne

Date: August 03, 2016

Please join local paddlers in a water hyacinth monitoring event hosted by the Wisconsin Aquatic Invasive Species Partnership and River Alliance of Wisconsin.

Originally found in Lake Winneconne in October 2015, water hyacinth has the potential to significantly alter aquatic environments if it becomes established in Wisconsin. To prevent that from happening, a cleanup event occurred on Lake Winneconne in the fall of 2015. While it is unknown if water hyacinth can survive Wisconsin's winters, we are not willing to take that risk, and need your help to make sure no additional plants are present in Lake Winneconne.

Participants will be asked to paddle lake shore and channels near Lake Winneconne Park and will need to provide their own boats and paddles, life vests, water and other outdoor necessities (sunscreen, bug spray, snacks, etc.). Both canoes and kayaks can be used.

If you're unable to paddle, feel free to come down and check out our displays on aquatic invasive species and learn other ways you can help.

We will plan to paddle unless there are high winds, heavy rain or lightning. Please register in advance so we can contact you in the event of weather problems.

Click to register:

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BDMCC Acknowledges Winneconne Thrift & Gift for their Support!

Date: October 05, 2015

BDMCC Board President Pete Ehlert presented Jim Rescheske, Board President of Winneconne Thrift & Gift with a plaque of appreciation for their continued support of our projects at Terrell's Island at the General Membership meeting on October 5th. Winneconne Thrift & Gift donates profits from their store to area charities through their grant program every year!

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Wheel Chair Accessible Ramp Completed at Classroom

Date: July 13, 2015

The ramp to the Community Classroom is complete! This ramp will allow access to the Terrell's Island Community Classroom to people with all abilities. Thanks to all those who helped, especially Tom Herbert, Randy Pointon, Bob Albright, Ken Meier, Pete Stein, and Pete Guckenberg! Thanks again to Winneconne Thrift & Gift for your donation for the supplies!

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Kendall Prehn is Awarded the Girl Scout Gold Award for Terrell's Island Project

Date: February 22, 2015

The BDMCC would like to thank Kendall Prehn of Oshkosh for all of her hard work and dedication to her project at Terrell's Island!

"Prehn's Gold Award project helped to improve the public's knowledge of Terrell's Island and its environment. Owned by the nonprofit Butte des Morts Conservation Club, the 1,200-acre Terrell's Island consists of cattail marsh and wet meadow and was created in 1964 to assist landowners with shoreline protection.

Her project included planning, fundraising, building three Aldo Leopold benches, adding eight trail posts and creating a tri-fold brochure that tells visitors what they are seeing on the trail, which was constructed in 2013. In addition, Prehn also created a PowerPoint presentation that tells of the island's history and environment.

She personally put in more than 80 hours to complete the project.

Pete Guckenberg of the Butte des Morts Conservation Club served as Prehn's adviser. A member of Girl Scout Troop 2092, she is the daughter of Rob and Denise Prehn."

Here is the link to the article:

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Highlights of Terrell's Island - By: Kendall Prehn

Date: February 03, 2015

Kendall Prehn, of Oshkosh, created sign posts and conducted research on Terrell's Island for her Girl Scout Gold Award project. Kendall installed sign posts throughout Terrell's Island that correlated to an informational pamphlet that she also created. This project will offer visitors a unique look at the history of Terrell's Island and the projects completed on the property.

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Landscaping Key to Evicting Pelicans

Date: September 01, 2011

By: Robert Zimmer

As waterfowl season arrives, the Butte des Morts Conservation Club and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources aim to create new wetland habitat to attract nesting ducks and other water birds.
Over the past several years, the arrival of American white pelicans to the area has created an unexpected problem. The Winnebago basin has become so attractive to the birds as a breeding area that some of their nesting areas are over-crowded and no longer desirable habitat for breeding waterfowl.

To restore a portion of wetland habitat to attract nesting waterfowl, the BDMCC, working with the DNR, is focusing on a series of five nesting islands located, with the Terrell's Island Wetland Restoration Area, along the south shore of Lake Butte des Morts.

The islands, within a protective limestone breakwall, are sheltered from wave action and erosion on the big lake.

Originally built to attract nesting diving ducks, such as redheads, and other waterfowl, recent years have seen them taken over by breeding pelicans. The population of white pelicans, as well as double-crested cormorants, has exploded in our area since the early 1990s. Conditions at the islands have become so severe that the club, along with the DNR, had to rethink ways to make them more attractive to nesting ducks and less attractive to the pelicans and cormorants.

To do this naturally, a restoration project began in September to return the islands to their original intended state.

DNR Winnebago System Biologist Arthur Techlow III said: "We are creating emergent plant beds that, if they become dense enough, may attract other water-nesting birds, such as Forster's terns, grebes and diving ducks, such as redheads. The main goal is to create additional wetland habitat while reducing the available nest area for cormorants and pelicans. The sheer numbers of these birds has caused a significant decline in local water quality and the fishery."

At last count, more than 1,200 pelican nests and 920 cormorant nests were located on the small series of islands.

According to Techlow, the islands offer the perfect nesting conditions for these birds — isolation from predators and human disturbance, as well as good foraging opportunities. The pelican population has become so high and the concentration of birds so dense that concerns such as avian botulism and other disease is sufficient cause to disperse the birds.

Pelicans dispersed from the nesting islands have other suitable habitat in the area for breeding.

"They have also been nesting on the breakwall itself and nearby privately owned islands," Techlow said.

Other nesting areas for pelicans around the area include colonies at Horicon, Green Bay and Lake Winnebago.

To deter some of the pelicans and cormorants from nesting here, the DNR will plant four species of emergent vegetation. Hardstem bulrush, river bulrush, three-square bulrush and bur-reed will be planted along the perimeter of each nesting island to create a barrier as they grow.

Diving ducks and grebes will be right at home in this shoreline barrier, while the pelicans, which prefer an open shoreline where they can waddle ashore quickly, will be deterred. Trees from the island, which were never intended but colonized there all on their own, will be removed to deter tree-nesting cormorants.

The restoration project, lower pelican numbers on the nest islands, and ongoing maintenance will result in higher numbers of nesting waterfowl in the area, as well as grebes and terns.

A population of redheads is especially desirable. The redhead is a stocky diving duck with reddish-maroon head and grayish back. Most redhead nesting areas exist west of the Mississippi River, but the bird has established several nest sites in Wisconsin wetlands, including Horicon.

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Common Terns Return to Lake Butte des Morts

Date: September 01, 2008

By Art Techlow and Nicole DeKeuster.

In March of this year the Butte des Morts Conservation Club, together with the WDNR, built several nesting islands on Lake Butte des Morts. We are happy to report that we successfully attracted eleven nesting pairs of the State Endangered Common Tern.

The island is only about 30 x 40 feet across the top and 3 ½ feet above the lake surface. It is small, remote, unvegetated, and predator free – just what common terns like for nesting. Art Techlow, Biologist with the WDNR, counted eleven common tern nests with eggs on the island at the end of July. Adult terns had no problem warding off potential threats to their chicks, they defend their nests by swooping and diving at the perceived menace. Most often these are large birds such as geese, pelicans and cormorants which might accidentally trample nests and eggs. But sometimes they go after humans, as Art found out after being struck in the head several times over the years while checking nesting sites.

It only takes about three weeks for the young to fledge (i.e. to be able to fly), and by late August all the adults and their young had left the island. This is typical; the birds quickly disperse to better foraging areas as the young take wing. (Common terns feed on minnows and other small fish by diving on the wing.)

The successful hatch of common terns on the newly constructed island is the first on Lake Butte des Morts in well over ten years. And this new site is one of only four in Wisconsin currently being used by the birds for nesting. The success of these birds represents the strong commitment of all those involved in supporting, funding, designing and constructing this project.

Common terns are just one of many species that have been adversely affected by PCB contamination in the lower Fox River and Green Bay. The funds for construction of the islands came from the settlement reached with the companies responsible for releasing the toxin into our environment. No taxpayer money was used.

The island is part of the 1183 acre Terrell’s island property owned by the non-profit Butte des Morts Conservation Club. The property is open to the public and more information can be found on their website The club’s mission is to provide Conservation, Preservation, and Restoration (CPR) to the wetlands and wildlife habitat of Lake Butte des Morts, its' tributaries, and surrounding wetlands.

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Habitat Restoration Makes Home for Pelicans

Date: August 01, 2008

The Country Today
By Diane Baumgart
Regional Editor

LAKE BUTTE DES MORTS- American white pelicans have found a home at the Terrell's Island wetlands. More than 600 pelicans nested there this year.

In 1998, the Butte des Morts Conservation Club purchased 1,200 acres of wetlands on the south shore of Lake Butte des Morts, which is part of the Lake Winnebago system. They placed the area into a non-profit public trust and began restoring the area as an attractive home for wildlife. Seven islands were built, with two of them completed in March. Club members added riprap, vegetation, fencing and netting. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources funded the construction of a break wall.

As preservation work continued, the birds took notice.

"We almost fell over when we found pelicans a year ago," said Pat Fisher, founder of Feather Rehabilitation Center in New London. "We were releasing a northern harrier in Omro when a kid said, 'Look at the pelicans.' There were about 300 of them flying in unison."

As they stood watching the birds, Ms. Fisher and the other rehabilitators wondered about the possibility of banding the birds. They contacted the conservation club and asked permission, which they got, along with a pontoon and other equipment. Club members showed them the main island filled with pelicans.

On May 31, they banded 11 pelicans.

"There were nests with babies all over the one island," Ms. Fisher said. "Some chicks were swimming; some were on nests, some walking around. There were eggs hatching. When you are in the boat it takes your breath away."

Banding them was challenging.

"We had no idea what we were up against," Ms. Fisher said. "It's messy work. (Pelicans) throw up fish on you."

Pelicans have wingspans up to 9 feet, Ms. Fisher said. They don't dive. They herd their dinner into shallow areas and scoop them up in their beaks. They lay an average of two eggs but the second chick usually doesn't survive.

A large percentage of the conservation property is wetlands, club president Nile Roeder said. The 12,000 acres is open for recreational fishermen but no hunting is allowed from the high grounds.

"We hope to preserve the natural resources and help Lake Butte des Morts act as a filter and breeding area for fish and natural species," Mr. Roeder said. "That's where banding of the pelicans makes a difference."

Learning about wildlife patterns, food consumption and water quality draws students, conservationists and natural resource personnel to the area. The DNR has collected regurgitation samples on Green Bay to identify which fish the pelicans eat. At Terrell's Island, it's mainly gizzard shad, Mr. Roeder said.

While the first day of banding went well, plans to return a second time didn't work out. June rain elevated the Fox River and the islands almost flooded, Ms. Fisher said. There were many dead birds and lost nests. The birds were stressed; eggs were found floating and many chicks drowned.

Along with nesting pelicans, great egrets were found on a nearby island. An endangered species, the egrets needed protection, Ms. Fisher said.

"Next year, we would like to get permission to band again. We could band earlier where it wouldn't interfere with nesting egrets," Ms. Fisher said. "And we would like to start education trips. We could take kids on boats. The BDMCC has to have individual groups come in throughout the year to maintain their status."

Mr. Roeder said they also hope to continue banding but would need to work closely with the DNR to achieve that goal.

While the area does not have any staff at the site, they hope to open a nature and visitor's center.

"We are trying to get funding to purchase a 20-acre parcel that is privately owned," Mr. Roeder said. "We are going through negotiations. The property would enable the club to build a nature center. Hopefully this area is preserved so future generations can enjoy the birds," Mr. Roeder said.

White pelicans also can be seen nesting at Cat Island in Green Bay and at Green Lake.

Diane Baumgart can be reached at

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