Date: July 17, 2013

Terrell's Island is open to the public 365 days a year from sunrise to 1 Hour BEFORE sunset. Exceptions to these hours are Club sponsored events or Club approved activities. The Board of Directors must approve activities, not scheduled by the Butte des Morts Conservation Club, in advance.

The Butte des Morts Conservation Club is very fortunate to have received property tax exemption from the Town of Winneconne and the Town of Omro. To protect this classification it is very important to observe some very basic guidelines when visiting Terrell’s Island. First and foremost is that no member of the Club shall use his or her membership to obtain privileges not afforded to the public. Specific language of our agreement is as follows:

Equal Access
Members of the public shall be allowed to access the property in the same manner as members of the BDMCC, such that personal benefits arising from the use of the property by BDMCC members will be no greater than those benefits available to the public, including access by land pursuant to recorded easement. The BDMCC may lock the storage buildings containing equipment utilized by the BDMCC for its maintenance and conservation purposes.

Additionally, the BDMCC may lock the gate at the end of the parking lot, subject to the access privileges for members of the public for meetings, or for their necessity (such as individuals with special needs). The BDMCC may also lock the School House, but the School House will be made available to other groups on the same basis as the BDMCC utilizes it, with access provided to members of the public by allowing the public to contact a member of the BDMCC by telephone, which will then provide access to the combination lock. The BDMCC will not place a lock on the porch of the School House or otherwise prevent access to the porch.

Vehicle Restrictions
Vehicular access by BDMCC members shall be permitted for maintenance purposes, club meetings, club projects, and other legitimate club business, but members of the BDMCC shall not be allowed vehicle access for personal use. Vehicle access will be allowed for members of the public at large for meetings as well.

Bicycles are allowed on all trails. We ask that you be mindful and respectful of others while biking at Terrell's Island.

Canoeing and kayaking are allowed within the breakwall. There are no launch sites on the property however you may launch at the end of Rivermoor Rd. or at the County launch at Sammers Bay and paddle to the carp barrier to gain access to the inner breakwall.

Fishing is allowed at Terrell's Island and within the breakwall. All WDNR fishing regulations apply. Carp fishing is encouraged, though they don't seem to take to a traditional hook and line. Bow hunting of Carp is allowed. All WDNR regulations apply.

Dogs are allowed at Terrell's Island but must be on leash from April 15th- July 31st to protect nesting waterfowl. They may be off leash the rest of the year provided you have them under control and they are not aggressive towards wildlife or visitors. You must pick up after your dog.

Free and Open to the Public
Terrell's Island is free and open to the public. There are no fees associated with its use. However, donations are always welcome!

Please be sure to follow these rules at all times. Report any infraction of these rules to the Board of Directors immediately. For the most part, COMMON SENSE SHOULD PREVAIL. If you are not sure of the rules regarding a certain situation or activity please consult with the Board of Directors first.

Please email us or fill our the log book at the School House and let us know how your visit to Terrell’s Island went!

Thank you for your cooperation.