General Meeting Minutes

Date: May 14, 2019

General Meeting Minutes

Butte des Morts Conservation Club

May 6, 2019 7:00 pm
Terrell's Island Classroom

Board Members:
Present: Bruce Loberg, Pete Guckenberg, Dave Lux, Randy Pointon, Randy Marx, Kevin Stowe, Joe Yana, Art Techlow

Others Present: Administrative Assistant, Alicia Monday, Cindy Loberg, Gary W.


1. Meeting minutes from 12/3/18 & 3/28/19 meetings read and accepted.

2. Treasurer’s Report: none (will be presented at the next meeting)

3. Banquet Review:

     a.   Registration set up differently next year; group tickets by person instead of by table.

     b.   Dice game: set up as high & low

     c.   Go back to a weekday night instead of Friday.

     d.   One dinner ticket prize instead of 2

     e.   Costs were lower and revenue was about the same as last year’s banquet.

4. Security Issues:

     a.   Damage to door caused by break in; parking lot vandalized

     b.   Carp gate staying down this year. This is due to several years of vandalism of the barrier. (Adam Nichols)

     c.   Alicia will call ADT for pricing on security for parking lot, classroom; also check prices for Ring doorbell and cameras.

5. Trail washouts:

     a.   Need large rock to fill in areas for safety; contact DNR for proposal – Art believes there are grants available (Bruce)

6. Pontoon boat:

     a.   Cover is torn; trailer is broken; motor doesn’t run. Decision has been made to sell it as is. (Bruce & Pete G)

7. Golf Outing: 3rd Sunday in August (the 18th) – Randy will touch base with Winchester Hills

8. Culvert Project: going to bid soon; BDMCC to contribute $10,000 to the project. (Bruce)

9. Wiouwash Trail Clean up: Alicia will set up with the county.

10. Art T: Money available for shoreline protection; point to point for habitat restoration. He will investigate with Chad. This for the south shoreline. (Art)

11. Bottled water will be the only refreshment offered at meetings scheduled at the classroom unless otherwise stated in an announcement. You are welcome to bring a beverage of your choice.

12. Need to review our strategic plan at future meeting. (Alicia)

13. Our bylaws need to be up dated to the current level and posted to the website. (Bruce)

14. We need to set the next meeting time, give more planning time for members. (Bruce)

15. Motion to adjourn by Randy, second by Art. Meeting adjourned at 7:54 p.m.

- Minutes submitted by Admin Assist: Alicia Monday; approved by Bruce Loberg