April 11 2022 Meeting Minutes

Date: April 11, 2022

BDMCC General Meeting

Monday, April 11, 2022 at 6:30pm at Winkler’s Westward Ho - Oshkosh


The General Meeting of the Butte des Morts Conservation Club was called to order on Monday, April 11, 2022 at the Winkler’s Westward Ho at 6:30pm by Bruce Loberg. Minutes were read and accepted. 


  1. Communications 
    1. Tom Bett - $500
    2. Tom Radtke - $630 for Banquet Gun
    3. Sturgeon Committee – DNR is no longer visiting the idea of banning cameras/technology. May need to revisit Sturgeon Spearing hours if daylight savings changes. 
  2. Fundraising
    1. Calendar Raffle – We will have an October Calendar Raffle. Selling 750 tickets at $20/piece. $200 given away each day, with $500 given away on Saturdays. Drawing will take place at Jordan’s home. Jordan will get tickets printed.
  3. Property/Trail Update
    1. Trail Opening potentially opening up first week of May. More to come on this. 
    2. We did receive the bill from Hy Way Landscapers
    3. Wiouwash Clean Up – Jordan will get something organized in May
    4. Boot Cleaner needs to get installed
  4. Parking Lot Camera – will be bought/installed in the Spring
  5. Banquet
    1. Order more Feature Tickets next year! 1402 feature tickets were sold in this years banquet. 
    2. Dice Game – Raise the price to $10 for 5 shakes
    3. Need larger drums for the drawings
    4. Include or not include membership with banquet fee?
  6. Memberships – Jordan will have updated list at May Meeting
  7. Strategic Plan – Ron & Lawanda are working together on this and will come to the club with any questions
  8. Code for Gates – Look into getting a keypad/lock to allow members only to walk through the gates


Meeting was adjourned by Randy Pointon, seconded by Kevin Stowe at 7:30pm. Next General Meeting will be Monday May 9, 2022 at Terrells Island – Schoolhouse.